Activity Day Girls

So, today I was thinking about all of the callings I currently have in church……..Relief Society Teacher, Activity Days Leader, Visiting Teacher, Branch Presidents Wife (not really a calling but takes a lot of work!), and today on top of that I just got called to be the official Substitute Teacher for Seminary! Yep, they pretty much keep me busy…….I am exhausted!  Hahaha……I just have to say that I will be constantly praying for the health of the current seminary teacher!

Anyway this weekend ended up being very busy.  We had our annual  Daddy Daughter activity.  We ended up doing a Mad Scientist theme and it was great!  Dads and girls alike had a great time.  First we made our Mad Scientist costumes using white garbage bags with holes cut out for head and arms, for our lab coats.  We used a magic marker to put fun names and the outline of a coat on them.  Then we found a cute Idea to make eye glasses out of pipe cleaners!  Once the girls and a few of the dads were all dressed up we split into groups and did a few simple experiments……finally coming together to make Flubber!  We had a backdrop of a mad science laboratory to take pictures with the dads and girls.   Then we had desert, spice cake, spider cookies, bat pudding cups and rootbeer floats (we put dry ice in the rootbeer to make it smoke!)  It was such a great time!