Why can’t we be friends

This past week has been an interesting week to say the least. It has made me think a lot about how we treat each other and why. In my Church we do not have a paid ministry so every leadership position is filled by a volunteer. For the most part, you have certain obligations and responsibilities that are given to you, and you strive to fulfill them to the best of your ability. Some of these positions can be quite demanding while others not as much. Getting back to the point, in the last few weeks it has been difficult to see people complain about other people not being perfect in what was asked of them. It is hard to see someone who devotes 10 – 15 hours of service a week, be told by another who devotes 15 minutes, that they are not doing enough, or that they are not doing it right.

The bible teaches you to remove the beam (big) from your eye before you try to remove the mote (small) from another. Lately it feels like people have a beam in each eye, and then being totally blind, are trying to tell others about their motes. In case anyone is actually reading this from my congregation, let me make this clear, this is not a complaint about my congregation. This IS an observation of something I have seen in almost every aspect of my life, from church to work. From this observation I will be quick to note that I am not excluded from this group. So the problem is there, we are quick to judge others and we judge other harshly. If someone does not do something to your liking, you let them know about it, and harshly. All the while being 10 time more guilty of the same.

So the solution?

Simple, love one another as you love yourself. I will try not to go on and on about this because the answer really is that simple. If I truly love someone, then I am willing to look past their faults. It means that they can be imperfect and thats okay. On the flip side, it doesn’t mean we leave them to their faults either. But we extend a hand in friendship recognizing that we are not perfect either, and do all we can to help them while standing at their side. Not to be in a position above the person looking down at them and their faults. As I said before, I am not guiltless. The more I recognize how much I lack and strive to be better, the more I am able to recognize others in their struggle to do good. Instead of seeing how they failed, I am able to see how they tried. From there I can work to strengthen them so the next time they can succeed.

A little update and some brownie points!

Things have continued to be pretty busy over the past few weeks. We had a great Thanksgiving with both Kristen’s and my family at our house. We ended up having a couple standard foods missing in action so we have purchased another turkey and will be planning a second meal soon, maybe for Christmas. It is hard to believe that this year is pretty much over. I don’t feel like I got a whole lot done, but when I think about it I really have. We still have a lot of work left to do on our house, most of it is pure muscle work and requires a lot of time (taking down wall paper and painting).

Time to earn some brownie points!

This year has been a good year for my relationship with Kristen. I feel like with the purchase of the house and finishing school that we are settling down more. Ever since we were married we have had a great relationship and pretty much never got mad at each other. So many people would say; ohh, its because you’ve only been married a year. But a year past and they said, well its because you’ve only been married two years; three years; four years… I know that 90% of why we do so well is because of Kristen. The more time I spend with her the more I realize how perfect she really is for me. While our married years are still early, we have actually known/dated for close to 10 years. It will be easy to spend the eternities with her. I just hope they don’t make crunchy food in heaven 🙂 I would attribute the strength of our relationship to having the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives, and as a part of that, both of us having served missions to share the Gospel. It helps us to have open communication and similar goals.

Along with all the posts of what Kristen is grateful for, I would have to say that I am grateful for my relationship with her.

Life just seems to get more and more busy.

For the first time in a very long time (close to a year) I was able to spend some time working on the new version of recipetodish.com. Last year was a really good year for it but there were a lot of changes as well that I had wanted to make that would be addressed in the next version. With finishing school, starting a new job and my new calling in church, I have been so busy that I have not had time to work on it. I had a co-worker join the website yesterday which gave me some long needed encouragement to start working on it again. I was able to put in a good 2 and half hours of work into it, and probably have somewhere another 100 to go before it is totally finished but it was good to get some things done on it.

There have been a lot of other little projects that I have been working on that seem to keep me constantly busy. Hopefully over the next month or two I can start to knock out some of the smaller easier to finish projects and free up some more of my time.

Last week I was able to go to the dentist as well… first time in close to 7 years due to a lack of health insurance and was happy/relieved to find out that I really did not have any cavities or other complications. They did have to do a lot of cleaning below the gum line which was not fun at all and left my whole mouth pretty sore for a couple days.

Over the weekend we had a meeting for all the leadership in the branch at 7am. Since it was so early I decided to invite everyone over to our house for breakfast. It turned out to be a really great time and I think was really good to spend some time with the leaders as well as discuss some of the challenges that we have in the branch. While my calling has been a lot of work, it has really been a great experience and I enjoy working with everyone in the branch. I do have to say, we had to cancel services on sunday due to a gas leak at the building and it was one of the most relaxing days I have had in such a long time.

Activity Day Girls

So, today I was thinking about all of the callings I currently have in church……..Relief Society Teacher, Activity Days Leader, Visiting Teacher, Branch Presidents Wife (not really a calling but takes a lot of work!), and today on top of that I just got called to be the official Substitute Teacher for Seminary! Yep, they pretty much keep me busy…….I am exhausted!  Hahaha……I just have to say that I will be constantly praying for the health of the current seminary teacher!

Anyway this weekend ended up being very busy.  We had our annual  Daddy Daughter activity.  We ended up doing a Mad Scientist theme and it was great!  Dads and girls alike had a great time.  First we made our Mad Scientist costumes using white garbage bags with holes cut out for head and arms, for our lab coats.  We used a magic marker to put fun names and the outline of a coat on them.  Then we found a cute Idea to make eye glasses out of pipe cleaners!  Once the girls and a few of the dads were all dressed up we split into groups and did a few simple experiments……finally coming together to make Flubber!  We had a backdrop of a mad science laboratory to take pictures with the dads and girls.   Then we had desert, spice cake, spider cookies, bat pudding cups and rootbeer floats (we put dry ice in the rootbeer to make it smoke!)  It was such a great time!

New Job, New Calling, No School

Along side Kristen’s post the other day about her blessing and trying to have a renewed resolve to begin keeping a journal with whats going on in her life, I decided to try and do the same.

A few of the crazy changes that have happened recently… as the title of this post suggests, I started a new job and at about the same time also a new calling in church. A little before both of those, I also finished my BS degree at WSU. Currently I am working at TimeIPS, and it has been going very well. Lifeboat was a great experience for me and I was able to learn a lot while there, and that learning has continued on with my new job. The work environment has been a lot of fun, everyone is pretty code savvy which makes for a very creative workplace where I can discuss ideas pretty openly and have people who can critique and add to those ideas.

Toward the begging of the year I was called as the second councilor in a spanish branch. That was an exciting calling but was short lived as the whole presidency was released when the branch president got a job in Texas. My new calling has been even more exciting as I was called to be the new President. Although I have learned a lot at work, it is dwarfed by all I have had to learn with this new calling. Overall I do feel that the Lord has helped me get through some of the learning curve and continues to help me as long as I keep working.

I am glad that school is out, though I am thinking of going back for a masters degree. I was going to start this past semester but with the new job, calling, house and all the other little things on my plate, I decided to put it off for a semester… I hope only one.

That is pretty much the update of major events of this year.

First Art Show

This weekend was my first art show!  Here in Wichita every last Friday of the month they open up all the galleries downtown and have an art crawl.  This was the first that I was able to participate in.  Our apartment complex, which is located down in the heart of Downtown Wichita….was featuring a Residence Artist night.  I didn’t want to participate at first thinking that I had nothing good to show……but never fear….Jason is here!   Jason ha so much faith in me that he signed me up with out even asking!!! 🙂  I am so glad that he did….I love the fact that I married someone who supports me in my talents and hobbies, who has faith in me and willing to encourage me when I need it!

I am so happy that I participated in the show.  My Mother-In-law, Linda also worked hard in finishing a painting to display at the show with my work!  I had so much fun I want to paint some more!  Here are a few pics from the show!

Scripture Journal

I am so excited to start my online Scripture Journal.  I have decided to create a blog for my scripture journal!!  I have been trying to think of ways that I improve on keeping the Sabbath day holy.  I want to try and focus my thoughts more on the Savior than on everyday things…..so I have decided that I will take the time to think about what I have learned in my scripture study throughout the week and write a post with my thoughts on the subject! Anyone who is interested the link is faithleadstoaction.blogspot.com (also in my blogroll)


Hot potato
Hot potato

Well, I can’t believe that I got suckered into making lots of potatoes today!!! It is pretty funny actually. Today we had stake conference and after the meeting the Spanish Branch and the English ward decided to have a “linger longer” (that is a little get together after church to eat till our hearts content) Well…the night before at the Adult session Jason and I were approached by a ward member and asked if we were going to the “linger longer.” We said….”of course, we wouldn’t miss it.” Then came the dreaded question…”would you cook some potatoes for tomorrow?” At first I thought….that wouldn’t be bad….until…..I asked how many. It was a whole 10lbs bag!!!! It could have been worse though she had six other bags to give away!!!