Memories – Is it raining?

Memories can be a great thing in life. They can be hard as well, but, at least in my life I have far more good memories than bad ones. They help me through difficult times and find the strangest times to pop into my mind, giving me a laugh with no one knowing why. They can be silly or important, and more often than not, I find myself forgetting the ones I want to remember, and remembering those I wish I could forget.

One random fun memory that popped into my head just a moment ago. It happened when Kristen and I lived in our first apartment at Windemere. It all started with a drowsy husband (me) using the bathroom late at night. I went #1 and back to bed. Then, my drowsy wife (kristen) decided she needed to use the rest room, I think it was the next morning. Without looking she sat down onto a soaking wet toilet seat. She gave me such a hard time for it. I tried to think back that night, I had even sat down, it couldn’t be possible… could it?

The whole day she continued to tease me about it, every time I went to the bathroom, she brought it up (all in good fun). It wasn’t until the next day when again I found myself sitting on the seat when for no reason at all, and right between my legs I found the seat getting wetter and wetter. I sat back to see water dripping at a decent rate from the ceiling vent, situated perfectly above the toilet seat.

Long story short, the bathtub in the apartment directly above us had sprung a leak which followed the tubes of the vent and dropped perfectly onto the toilet seat. At least that is how I remember the story.

Version Two of

It seem crazy to think that in just one month it will have been 3 years since I started my little recipe sharing project. There have been many countless hours of programming, and many hours of cooking that have gone into bringing this website to life. At its inception, it provided the basic function of adding and sharing recipes. The second version brought a much needed face lift, and made it easier to share recipes with your friends. It also got past the 100 recipe mark.

Since the release of the second version, not much has happened. It has been more than a year since there have been any released updates. Life has brought me a new job, a new home, and new responsibilities. The list of features and updates has continued to grow and at a rate faster than I can keep up with.

Even with all of the business of life, I have not been sitting idly by. Or at least not completely. Over the last year and possibly longer I have worked on a complete redesign of both visual and the code for it as well. I have learned a lot over the years as well as a lot from the initial two versions of r2d that have helped in building this third version. Currently I still have probably a few dedicated months left of programming before it will be ready for public use, but it is coming together very nicely. Hopefully life will continue to lend me free time to use up working on the new version.

Until its release, the current version is still running and does a fine job storing and sharing recipes. So if you haven’t decided to use it yet, feel free to join and add some recipes. New users and new recipes always helps to encourage me and remind me I am not wasting time. If you have ideas on how you would improve the current version, add a comment and let me know. Now is the time while I am still developing it.

A little update and some brownie points!

Things have continued to be pretty busy over the past few weeks. We had a great Thanksgiving with both Kristen’s and my family at our house. We ended up having a couple standard foods missing in action so we have purchased another turkey and will be planning a second meal soon, maybe for Christmas. It is hard to believe that this year is pretty much over. I don’t feel like I got a whole lot done, but when I think about it I really have. We still have a lot of work left to do on our house, most of it is pure muscle work and requires a lot of time (taking down wall paper and painting).

Time to earn some brownie points!

This year has been a good year for my relationship with Kristen. I feel like with the purchase of the house and finishing school that we are settling down more. Ever since we were married we have had a great relationship and pretty much never got mad at each other. So many people would say; ohh, its because you’ve only been married a year. But a year past and they said, well its because you’ve only been married two years; three years; four years… I know that 90% of why we do so well is because of Kristen. The more time I spend with her the more I realize how perfect she really is for me. While our married years are still early, we have actually known/dated for close to 10 years. It will be easy to spend the eternities with her. I just hope they don’t make crunchy food in heaven 🙂 I would attribute the strength of our relationship to having the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives, and as a part of that, both of us having served missions to share the Gospel. It helps us to have open communication and similar goals.

Along with all the posts of what Kristen is grateful for, I would have to say that I am grateful for my relationship with her.

Life just seems to get more and more busy.

For the first time in a very long time (close to a year) I was able to spend some time working on the new version of Last year was a really good year for it but there were a lot of changes as well that I had wanted to make that would be addressed in the next version. With finishing school, starting a new job and my new calling in church, I have been so busy that I have not had time to work on it. I had a co-worker join the website yesterday which gave me some long needed encouragement to start working on it again. I was able to put in a good 2 and half hours of work into it, and probably have somewhere another 100 to go before it is totally finished but it was good to get some things done on it.

There have been a lot of other little projects that I have been working on that seem to keep me constantly busy. Hopefully over the next month or two I can start to knock out some of the smaller easier to finish projects and free up some more of my time.

Last week I was able to go to the dentist as well… first time in close to 7 years due to a lack of health insurance and was happy/relieved to find out that I really did not have any cavities or other complications. They did have to do a lot of cleaning below the gum line which was not fun at all and left my whole mouth pretty sore for a couple days.

Over the weekend we had a meeting for all the leadership in the branch at 7am. Since it was so early I decided to invite everyone over to our house for breakfast. It turned out to be a really great time and I think was really good to spend some time with the leaders as well as discuss some of the challenges that we have in the branch. While my calling has been a lot of work, it has really been a great experience and I enjoy working with everyone in the branch. I do have to say, we had to cancel services on sunday due to a gas leak at the building and it was one of the most relaxing days I have had in such a long time.

Busy weekend, I’m ready for the weekend

Last weekend turned out to be a busy one. Friday evening started off nice and I was able to relax for most of the time, but Saturday Kristen and I had to run several errands, I spent a good chunk of the day in the yard trimming our two trees and chopping up the branches. I ended up breaking the trimmer and had to go by a new one. And Sunday I spent a little over ten and a half hours between Church and a youth activity that night! I love my new calling but is sure can be a lot of work sometimes. This week appeared to be a really busy week as well but at the last minute things that were planned seem to be falling through which for us is a good thing. Kristen was finally able to play some volleyball, shoot some arrows, and kick some mid-evil bottoms in the gladiator arena and at the same time work up enough of a sweat to call it a successful workout.  I was finally able to get some work done on the Loser site and make password resets a little easier. We were also able to go on a walk around the neighborhood which Kristen loves to do and I have been trying to do better about going with her. Things are busy but going really well.

Movement, whats that?

Thanks to our credit card company, every few months we get a gift card that we can use to splurge on something. Last week we went out and bought a playstation move bundle with our latest gift card and both Kristen and I are sore. I shouldn’t be too surprised since the majority of my day is spent sitting in a chair programming. My body had got used to sitting while I eat, watch tv, play games, church meetings, driving, etc. I would say 80 to 90 percent of my life is off my feet. With the move it’s not as easy to cheat and sit on the couch… well I actually don’t know that but I will keep telling myself that so I don’t sit down. It has been fun though and while it is most likely due to a lack of exercise, it does a good job at giving me a cardio workout.

New Job, New Calling, No School

Along side Kristen’s post the other day about her blessing and trying to have a renewed resolve to begin keeping a journal with whats going on in her life, I decided to try and do the same.

A few of the crazy changes that have happened recently… as the title of this post suggests, I started a new job and at about the same time also a new calling in church. A little before both of those, I also finished my BS degree at WSU. Currently I am working at TimeIPS, and it has been going very well. Lifeboat was a great experience for me and I was able to learn a lot while there, and that learning has continued on with my new job. The work environment has been a lot of fun, everyone is pretty code savvy which makes for a very creative workplace where I can discuss ideas pretty openly and have people who can critique and add to those ideas.

Toward the begging of the year I was called as the second councilor in a spanish branch. That was an exciting calling but was short lived as the whole presidency was released when the branch president got a job in Texas. My new calling has been even more exciting as I was called to be the new President. Although I have learned a lot at work, it is dwarfed by all I have had to learn with this new calling. Overall I do feel that the Lord has helped me get through some of the learning curve and continues to help me as long as I keep working.

I am glad that school is out, though I am thinking of going back for a masters degree. I was going to start this past semester but with the new job, calling, house and all the other little things on my plate, I decided to put it off for a semester… I hope only one.

That is pretty much the update of major events of this year.

catching up!

Well.  I thought it was about time I did some catching up.  A Lot has happened since my last post.  One being I got a NEW JOB!  I decided it was time to move on from my job as being a receptionist to being an official GRAPHIC DESIGNER.  As of two months ago I started working for a company called Mathur Media Group as a graphic designer!  It has been a great experience for me and lots of fun.  I work for a marketing agency and I get to create mostly ads for the local paper for about 10-15 different clients!  It keeps me very busy!  At first I was a little nervous and not sure if I would be able to be successful but over the last month I have started to feel more comfortable and confident in my abilities as a designer.  It has been a great experience to get out of the classroom and experience designing for real clients and printers….it has been interesting to see some of the differences from the classroom to the working world.  One of the hardest to get use to has been in the classroom everything is my idea….I get to choose the look, color, fonts, photos, copy……everything is my idea and I can create anything that I want.  In the working world… is the clients ideas…and somehow I have to figure out how to create what the client wants and in a way that looks halfway decent.  It is fun though, alot better than answering the phone all day….I have to say I don’t miss that one bit!

Making the Switch

After about 45 minutes I have finished moving from my hosting account at godaddy to my new gridserver (gs) at mediatemple. The process was pretty much a painless effort, with the exception of some minor character set issues. Since we dont have too many posts yet and it did not effect all posts, I was able to correct this problem with relative ease. Because of the switch, the blog will now keep the domain “” instead of forwarding to the

accomplishing goals #1

So, one of my goals for the new year is to make sure that i write three blog posts for the month. They can be written at any time and any length about anything. My first month trying to reach this goal shows that I have much room for improvement seeing it is 11pm on the last day of the month. Hopefull next month will be better! I dedcided that i wanted to spend a little more time keeping this blog updated with events and the little things that happen in the Bailey Family not only to take time to appreciate and recognize the blessings that i have been given. Also I have so many thoughts that i can never seem to put words to and i hope that this will help me to better express myself………..two more posts to go!!!! 🙂