9 Months and Growing!

I know that I say this every month but these girls are just growing way too fast!!! It seems like each day they are changing and learning so much. Our little Lily has become an expert crawler, loves to pull herself up to standing on furniture and even tries to let go for a few seconds and stands on her own! Maya Bug is such a delight, her smile can brighten up any day! She has become an expert army crawler….(She was tired of being left behind and decided she should get her move on!) She also is watching Lily’s every move and tries to pull herself up too. Both girls love to play with the I-pad, and anything and everything else they are not suppose to get into!! 🙂 And both girls are getting MORE TEETH, each girl has at least two or three coming in on the top! That makes for some cranky, sleepless babies…..(and mommy too!) 🙂 It has been so much fun this past month to watch their personalties come to life…..I just LOVE these little girls!

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