Hawaii Vacation!

First dip in the ocean at Turtle Bay
Family Selfie at sunset view of Na Pali Coast
The girls just relaxing while waiting for our flight!
The Bug reading the headlines.
Girls looking down at Na Pali Coast
Sunset on Kauai
One of our favorite places….so BEAUTIFUL!
One of our little sand monsters
Daddy and Maya
So Romantic! 🙂
Na Pali Coastline
Na pali Coastline sunset
Girls at Hanalei Beach Park, Kauai…..Also one of our favorite places. It was so sunny the girls are wearing their dresses on their heads so they won’t get burnt!
Like father like daughter! Daddy & Lily!
Family Selfie….on our way to Kauai!
Huge Sea Turtles on the beach with alligator rock behind us!
Lily playing in the sand at Alligator Rock
Megan & Jared!
Sunset at Alligator Rock
My Hubby! 🙂
Sometimes the beauty just took my breath away!
Alligator Rock sunset
Hike through the jungle……So pretty…..but the humid air did not do wonders on my hair! So embarrassing. LOL.
Hike at the Arboretum
Loved the Jungle….Not the mosquitoes!
Snorkeling at the pier….and playing on the beach!
The girls had so much fun!!!! Maya looks so serious about Lily playing in her water!
Love this one of Lily! She just loved the Ocean. She would always run strait for the waves. No Fear!
Maya was a little timid about the waves but loved to play in the sand and water in the buckets!
The girls had so much fun with Aunt Meg and Uncle Jared!
Pearl Harbor Fun!
The girls….at Pearl Harbor!
Daddy and the Girls! 🙂
Jared & Megan at the Buddhist Temple.
The Buddhist Temple was very pretty!
Pictures don’t do it justice!
Lighthouse on O’ahu
What a view!
The water was such a beautiful color!
China Mans Hat!
The girls all tuckered out!
I don’t remember the lookout but it was so pretty up there.
Jason & Kristen
On the Road Again!
China Mans Hat
They just loved to explore everything!
These peaks were one of my favorites
The Girls!
Lily & Uncle Jared
Hawaii Temple!
Hawaii Temple View
My little Lily!
Maya Bug!
Loved this picture of Lily and Maya! Too Cute!
Lily and Uncle Jared
Maya….not sure what she thinks of the waves. LOL. once she was in the water she loved it……. just walking toward those waves made her a little nervous!
Fist night at the Condo….The girls were so happy to not be cooped up on the plane anymore!
The girls loved playing on the stairs at the Condo.
First night at Turtle Bay
Turtle Bay Sunset


The girls had so much fun this Halloween. We tried to do a little Trick-or-Treating in our neighborhood but it was so cold and only two or three homes on our block were giving out candy. Jason had fun with scary sound affects and the girls thought all the noises were so much fun!! Here are some pics of the girls!

Maya had to try on the bigfoot slippers at the store….she looked so cute!
Maya had to try on the bigfoot slippers at the store….she looked so cute!

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10 months!

These girls have grown up so fast this past month. Both girls have been talking a lot more…..gibber gabbering all day! It is so much fun watching them play with each other. I sometimes catch them just laughing at each other. It makes my day! They have also started eating more finger foods and feeding themselves. It has definitely made meal times more exciting!

Maya started crawling on all fours. It was so much fun!!! It was as if one morning everything just clicked and she new how to crawl. She also stood by herself for the first time after Dad let go of her hands.

Lily has been standing and even has taken a step or two on her own. She is so funny because she has the most determind look on her face like she wants to try and take a step forward….then chickens out and sits on her bottom!

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9 Months and Growing!

I know that I say this every month but these girls are just growing way too fast!!! It seems like each day they are changing and learning so much. Our little Lily has become an expert crawler, loves to pull herself up to standing on furniture and even tries to let go for a few seconds and stands on her own! Maya Bug is such a delight, her smile can brighten up any day! She has become an expert army crawler….(She was tired of being left behind and decided she should get her move on!) She also is watching Lily’s every move and tries to pull herself up too. Both girls love to play with the I-pad, and anything and everything else they are not suppose to get into!! 🙂 And both girls are getting MORE TEETH, each girl has at least two or three coming in on the top! That makes for some cranky, sleepless babies…..(and mommy too!) 🙂 It has been so much fun this past month to watch their personalties come to life…..I just LOVE these little girls!

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8 months already?

Can I just say that I absolutely LOVE my girls!? They are just the cutest things ever. Both girls are growing so fast! Lily has started crawling not just the army crawl/scoot but actual crawling!!! And the Bug……well she is just our little musician….she love to play her piano and the drums. Here are a few pictures!

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7 months!!!

These ladies are so much fun! This month we took their first plane ride to visit Grandma and Grandpa Simonsen. Mom was a little nervous for the flight but the girls did GREAT! I am just so blessed with such good girls. These two have been growing and changing more and more each day. Here is are some of their milestones this month:

Lily has just grown so much…she is weighing in at 15lbs 12oz. What a bundle of energy!!! She always has to be on the go….even when she is dead tired! She is getting more consistent at moving forward but not really crawling yet. Oh, and she has definitely found her lungs!!!! She is a very determined little girl and when she wants something she will let you know. LOL.

Maya is not to far behind her sister weighing in at 14lbs 9oz. She is such a little sweetie. She is a little more “chill” than her sister but still loves to play.  She has learned to sit up all by herself while at Grandma and Grandpa’s house and getting more sturdy every day. And she just loves to blow bubbles, make zombie noises, and tell you stories!

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